My Philosophy

I incorporate a mixture of fabric, furnishings and objects de arte that most people would never have thought to put together, but all melded, and actually creating a magical patina. It's often amazing what things that really don't "match" can create. If they are applied successfully they can actually weave a far more interesting, invigorating and beautiful interior than one created by carefully assembled tried and true combinations. And if you need a ruler to measure the distance between those two points, you'll never calculate it. It takes talent.

In News

"The recipient of just about every accolade Architectual Digest can bestow, Marc Charbonnet has designed numerous residents in NYC and his homtown of New orleans, as well as Michael J. Fox's Connecticut estate and Manhattan apartment. At the helm of MECA, his design firm, since 1991, he is partial to custom-designed mosaic floors, plaster cornices, wood paneling, special plated hardware, hand-painted borders, and curated decor that he culls from the best mix of the antique and the new." - One Kings Land


Enduring Elegance